In what way is this ‘premier cru’?

Delicious, bubbly, tasty cider of the type despised by real cider twats, but why premier cru? The label makes no mention of it coming from a specific orchard, let alone a special location in an orchard. Do they do a grand cru, I wonder? I’ve just looked at their website and no they don’t.

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Dry Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, 7%, Aspall

This has a lovely clean nose of apples; not a hint of rot or anything nasty. Just lots of fresh fruit and flowery hints there. The palate is rather dry, with good, refreshing acidity and a fine mousse. The fruit really is quite attractive and together with its dryness and bubbles make this a totally refreshing drink. I’d say you could drink pint after pint of this but since a bottle contains 3.5 UK units drinking more than a bottle would have the health and safety nazis after you for binge drinking. If I had another bottle I’d say bollocks to them and enjoy it with great pleasure. Lovely stuff.

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