I feel I need to explain

My [link2post id=”742″]last post on the vat of cider[/link2post] the neighbours and us necked last night may not have been entirely transparent.

Like wine, cider is a partially spoiled product, this allows it to keep without getting anymore off and stops any nasty bugs from living in it. However, people I shall loosely refer to as ‘real cider twats’ take this idea a bit too seriously. If you go to a real ale festival where they have cider on offer it will invariably be more than a bit partially spoiled, it’ll be completely bitter, rancid and horrible. And the real cider twats just love this. They are wrong, in my utterly opinionated opinion. It is nice to have a bit of freshness, fruit and even some bubbles can be pleasing. Now this may mark me out as a beginner lover of cider in the eyes of the real cider twats, but I couldn’t care less. As I often say, nice things are nicer than nasty things, and I’d rather have some good, delicious cider than something that tastes of spoiled, rotten vinegar.