Grilled prawns and aioli

One meal we cook quite regularly is a simple affair, but it is one of those really pleasing things with are just a total hoot to eat: grilled prawns with aioli.

You will obviously need a good source of raw prawns; we get ours from Borough Market. Don’t get super-massive ones as they don’t taste as good, about 7-8cm long is just fine. 800g-1kg of prawns will do for two hungry people as a main meal.

It just takes a few minutes to grill each side of the prawns (as in, turn them over when one side is cooked) under a hot grill. Don’t overcook them, you want them to be moist and flavoursome. They are done when they turn completely pink and a very few of them start have hints of black bits of char on them. Once they are cooked pour into a big bowl and start peeling (when they’ve cooled down a bit).

Serve with some good bread and loads of super-tasty aioli, the recipe for which is [link2post id=”1285″]here[/link2post]. Dipping just cooked prawns in garlicy aioli makes the experience most enjoyable. You’ll want to have extra aioli on bread, because it tastes great. It is a simple meal, but often they are the best.