Another stab at 2002 fizz

Another bottle of 2002 fizz, better (and less painful) than the [link2post id=”811″]Gimonnet[/link2post], I am pleased to report. Years ago we went to a very unsatisfying tasting at Roederer and this is the first bottle of their wine I have purchased since then. I got this to celebrate eight years of the partner living in the UK (OK, and also because I wanted to try another 2002).

Vintage Champagne 2002, Louis Roederer

It is quite bready and yeasty. There is an odd coconut character to the nose which is not as unattractive as it sounds. It seems fresh and lively when you smell it, as well it should only being seven years old. The palate has a fine mousse, some reasonable fruit and pretty good length. There is a degree of complexity, as well. This is a perfectly reasonable bottle of fizz with nice flavours and good balance, but I find myself being less thrilled drinking this than, say, the 792″]Inflorescence, which had the advantage of being cheaper. It is good enough to celebrate a happy event, though.

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