Is it really the next good vintage?

For some reason (not, I hope, being paranoid schizophrenic) I have come to the conclusion that 2002 is going to be the next proper Champagne vintage after 1996. I didn’t like the 1997s, the 1998s didn’t do it for me (even Pol!) and whilst Bolly 1999 was reasonably good it was hardly a thrill. So what caused this idea? I am not sure, I am yet to have a 2002 Champagne until about… now!

Champagne Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru ‘Fleuron’ 2002, Pierre Gimonnet

Quite a nice nose of ripe fruit, but it is not particularly sophisticated or thrilling. I suppose there is a nice stoniness to the fruit on the nose. The palate has some good fruit, but is a bit harsh and rough. It is freaking acidic too and really quite short and light. This is merely a reasonable drink, it by no means justifies my faith in the vintage. Whilst not sub-interested I have to say I don’t really like it very much. Bums.

The quantity of Gaviscon I’ve had to neck to deal with the pain caused by this wine is quite amazing.