2003 was bonkers, alright

I tried this at the London Wine and Spirit’s Trade Fair last year, I was impressed. I am pleased the partner has purchased a few bottles. Bit pricy, mind.

2003 by Bollinger

This smells extremely fruity and very vinous, far more like wine than most Champagnes. It is dense, full-bodied and meaty, with plenty of Bollinger cold cocoa. It is quite oaky, too, but by no means excessively so. It has a very full-bodied palate, but with fine acidity and plenty of fruit. Again the palate is very wine-y. It is quite delicious, in a big, fruity, oaky way, but it still has a really fine mousse and exceptional balance. This is a really fine Champagne, amazing that Bollinger could make something so good in 2003. Not for ageing, though, drink now with a degree of confusion, as this is so characterful, but a lot of pleasure.

I’ve got to add to this note. This wine is bonkers, really characterful and full of flavour, style and extract, but it is damned good. I don’t feel ashamed of saying this wine is wanton in its exuberance, yet has real beauty. The mousse is properly fine and the acidity is so present it hurts my fragile stomach. But, I have to emphasise, this wine is crazy, really tits out for not only the boys but the girls who like that kind of thing, too. Not for ageing, by any means, but the extreme pleasure I am getting from this wine demonstrates its ultimate fine-ness. This is far more characterful than even the 1996, and is probably as good if you drink it now. I really love it, crazy for sure, but completely wonderful. Well done Daniel for buying three bottles of this.