Oddly, but not unpleasantly, gluey

This was a great bargain direct from M. Boxler. He is a charming fellow and a truly skilled wine-maker.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg Vendanges Tardives “Cuvee Zacharie” 2004, Domaine Albert Boxler

There is real late-harvest candied fruit on the nose, with a lovely creamy minerality. As I suggested, this smells like glue (in a nice way); at least it doesn’t cause ‘instant death’ as sniffing glue can do. The nose is really complex and bursting with tittilating interest. The palate is for tartness freaks, given the ripeness and density of this wine it is bitch acidic, man, leaving an almost burning sensation on the finish. This is great, though, with all its weight and scale it bursts with life and excitement. This is a nipple-nibblingly good wine, how I wish I had more.