Domaine Albert Boxler

Jean Boxler makes totally brilliant wines which, I am afraid, moved me to incoherence on the last few. I really, really enjoyed this tasting. His wines are clearly my favourite in Alsace.

Pinot Blanc ‘B’ 2007

This is Pinot Blanc grown on the Brand Grand Cru. Really mineral and creamy. There is some honey too. Great fruit on the palate with a hint of astringency. Tasty! This is probably the best Pinot Blanc one can buy and this vintage of it is really super.

Riesling 2007

Nice and fruity with pronounced minerality. The palate is very juicy and tasty. Yum. Even better than the Sorg generic Riesling for only a shade extra cash.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg ‘JV’ 2007

Young vines cuvee. Very mineral. Very fruity, too. Strawberries, I think, which is a bit odd on a white wine. The acidity is strong and a bt raw, but there is style here.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg 2007

Riper and round. Buxom, and I like buxom. The palate is classy, stylish and really mouth-watering. The balance is quite superb. This is damned good.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg ‘E’ 2007

Oh yes!*

Riesling Grand Cru Brand 2007

Peachy, rich nose of ripe fruit. The fruit has a highly-attractive cherry character. The weight and ripeness are totally in harmony with great acidity. This is a really good, if slightly buxom, Riesling.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg ‘D’ 2007

An amazing nose of ripe fruit that is incredibly concentrated and amazingly mineral. This utterly compels me. The palate? Well… erm… Tits? Big, round tits.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg ‘D’ 2002

Quite petrolly, but the ripe citrus fruit still shines out. Lovely nose, alright. This is super fun action with great minerality. This is still tits.

Pinot Gris 2007

There is a lot to like about this wine: the fruit, concentration and minerality are all superb. The thing you’ve really got to love, though, is the acidity; this keeps it lively and balanced. Yeah.

Gewurztraminer 2007

Liquorice and banana on the nose. A bit confected, though. OK, but far from a cigar.

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Sommerberg 2007

This is a bit sweet. However, the interplay between minerality, acid and fruit give it a really interesting texture. This is quite, quite delicious.

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Brand 2007

This has the great Brand Pinot ripeness and fruit. The expressive minerality is totally beguiling. Yeah, this is what fun is all about.

Pinot Gris Grand Cru Sommerberg Vendanges Tardives 2006

A voluptuous and heady nose of fruit and compelling deliciousness. After I tasted this I was dumb-struck for a period of time. Arse-bitingly good. Love the acid-trip, man.

Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg ‘D’ Vendanges Tardives 2005

A spell-binding, racy experience of stellar intensity. This is amazing.

Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Brand Vendanges Tardives 2007

Very rose petal. Extremely concentrated. I never thought I’d write this about a Gewurtztraminer, but I’m lost and in love. It’s got everything. This is a sex-bomb, alright.

*Sorry, that really is all I wrote. This is an older vines cuvee which has stunning purity of expression and incredible definition to the palate. The finish was long and bursting with life. 2007 is a really top vintage for this wine, it’ll have a long, pleasure-delivering life.