Sadly not ‘free from’ taste

Not being able to eat wheat puts a dampener on enjoying food. All prepared food seems to contain wheat. Supermarkets these days have ‘free from’ aisles, which supposedly have wheat-free treats. Normally ‘free from’ means free from flavour. Now, the ‘priced like Harrods’ corner shop in my housing development have started selling wheat-free cakes; if only they were free from flavour.

[image image_id=”2368″]

Mrs Crimble’s honey caramel cake is one of the most utterly repulsive foods it has been my displeasure not to have avoided tasting. I didn’t even swallow it so totally repellant was it. The texture was dry and powdery and it tasted like the smell of kitchen cleaner; cheap perfume and soap. I am really disgusted that I can still taste it a couple of minutes after I spat it out. The word ‘horrible’ goes nowhere near far enough to describe this travesty of a cake.