The horror, the horror

OK, I admit that very few Sauvignon Blancs do it for me, but this is horrible beyond my powers of description. I’ll give being rude a go, though.

Sauvignon Blanc “Selection 94” 2006, Dog Point Vineyard

The nose is completely confected and contrived, clearly made from over-ripe fruit that has been cold-fermented. It is not all that clean, either. Utterly disgusting filth would be a fair description of the nose; it revolts in so many ways. I’ve had two mouthfuls and that is enough. It is blowsy and distinctly sweet, with truly horrible rotting fruit flavours. It lacks any balance, harmony, or even any nice flavours that would make one want even sip this wine gingerly. This wine is a slur on the good name of wine. How could anyone make this and, even more incredibly, expect people to pay money and drink it? I have been drinking so well recently that this wine is personally offensive; the winemaker generated this filth specifically to revolt those who like nice wine and I bet the bastard was targetting me in particular. I am eternally grateful that I didn’t pay for this, but my bad mood at having tried it will last until someone punches the winemaker on my behalf.