Not my style, nor should it be anybody’s

Dugat-Py are quite well thought of, on my occasional tastings of their wines I have often wondered why they are so popular and so expensive. They are not really beautiful, lovely Burgundies.

Gevrey-Chambertin Tres Vieilles Vignes Coeur de Roy 2000, Bernard Dugat-Py

This is a very dark wine. It smells more like an oaky Syrah or Cabernet than lovely Pinot. The nose is certainly that of a big wine. The palate certainly has big tannins, but it doesn’t have much for to balance this out. It is very drying, not terribly complex and certainly not lovely. As I’ve thought with previous wines of theirs that I have had, they are just far too extracted and lacking any real charm. I won’t be buying more of their wines, far too expensive.