Absolute beauty

OK, I know one should really age these things, but when they are young, bursting with fruit and that lovely young ‘puppy fat’ charm it is hard to refuse. 2006 was yet another great vintage in Germany and shouting Manfred Prum is a freaking genius.

[image image_id=”2437″] Riesling Spatlese Wehlener Sonnenuhr 2006, Joh Jos Prum

This smells beguilingly beautiful. Lovely citrus fruit, great slaty minerality and nowhere near as much sulphur as I would have expected. The aromas are subtle and refined with great complexity that is terribly pleasing. Now if the nose is beautiful then the palate is nec ultra plus. The fruit is ripe and flavoursome, it has truly great acidity which sits in perfect harmony with the fruit and sweetness, and the minerality charms the socks off you. This is an ultimately beautiful palate which is utterly harmonious and balanced. The sweetness, acidity and minerality make my mouth water with each sip I take, but such are the concentration of flavours even my drooling does not dilute the experience. The finish is superb: long, elegant and tasty. There is so much to love about this wine and, even though there doesn’t seem to be that much sulphur, I feel this will be providing obscene amounts of pleasure for a couple of decades. If you want to try it at this charming level of youthful style pop a bottle within the six to eight months; this will close up for its middle-aged period reasonably soon. Shouting Manfred has delivered the goods once again. With its obvious class and with such a long and pleasing future ahead of it twenty-one fun tokens* is a real bargain.

*That is £21, for those unaware of the usage of the term ‘fun tokens’.