Beautiful Pommard

Quite different to the [link2post id=”1062″]marvellous 2003[/link2post].

[image image_id=”2256″] Pommard Premier Cru les Rugiens 2005, Domaine de Courcel

Quite pale in colour. A marvelous nose of fresh strawberry and cherry fruit, with a good mineral tang to it. It smells very refined and very Cote de Beaune. The pure fruit is framed beautifully by the subtlest of oak aromas. This is a great, detailed nose to delight and intrigue. The palate is reasonably tannic, but has masses of pure fruit, lovely acidity and a really most pleasing oak treatment. The finish is long and complex, This wine has all one could ask for from a bottle of Pommard Premier Cru, lovely fruit, nice structure and freaking nip loads of style. Will age for fifteen to twenty years and only get more beautiful. Perhaps put it away for five to seven years unless you drink it within the nest six months as these things, whilst forever being beautiful, can often go through an awkward, middle-aged period. But don’t let this put you off, go out and buy some, man, this is obscenely good. Yves Confuron may be a miserable sod, but by arse the geezer makes tits++ wine; sometimes in a ‘tits out for the boys’-sense as in 2003, sometimes in a direct and linear sense as in 2004 and when he makes them like this, hedonistic, sexy and yet elegant and beautiful, you’ve got to snap up all you can find. Five bottles left.