A juicy pair

Two wines opened at the neighbours place of a Sunday afternoon. We were bored and wanted something nice. These are really quite nice.

Morey-Saint-Denis 2001, Domaine Dujac

Silky, complex fruit nose. It has a lot of soft earth and rich complexity. This is lovely. On the palate there is a vigorous amount of tannin, but it is so integrated with the fruit that it seems really sexy and svelte. This is a quite brilliant bottle of village Burgundy. As I’ve said before, Dujac really landed on their feet in 2001 and they are the best producers in Morey.

Vosne-Romanée 2002, Sylain Cathiard

An opulent, exotic nose of hedonistic complexity. This smells quite brilliant. A incredibly fruity palate, with a nice tannic backbone and good balancing acidity. This is really lovely: really interesting too.

Which is best? Crivens, I feel put upon to make that choice. They are quite different: the Morey is rounder and softer whereas the Vosne is more racy and exciting. But the Dujac, obviously.