A last Christmas bottle

We skipped Christmas pudding and moved onto a sweetie in place of dessert.

Bonnezeaux 1997, Château de Fesles

A rich, voluptuous, hedonistic nose of candied fruit, minerality and one hell of a lot of botrytis. There is a degree of Chenin Blanc damp, waxiness, but for a Chenin this smells very clean and fruity. The nose is very compelling. The palate is certainly very botrytised and sweet, but it has great acidity and real minerality. This is quite delicious. If I was being picky I’d say that the finish was a tad short, but in truth I love this wine and I think it provides a lot of pleasure; it is short of neither complexity nor style. I am very pleased that between my partner and me we have three bottles of this left; it is drinking extremely well now and will have no problems hanging around for a very long time. This is a special wine, and I don’t mean special in a bad way.