Why? Why?

I was given this bottle to prove that ‘Claret can be very good’. Now, as I have [link2post id=”1116″]said before[/link2post], 1164″]I hate Claret. This makes me wonder why someone would give me something they know I’ll hate. Do they, perhaps, hate me? Do they want me to suffer? It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t



Chateau Gloria 1971

The nose is quite Cabernet flavoured, it also smells quite a lot of cabbage. It has quite a pronounced vinegar aroma, which is a tad distracting. That being said, the nose is not so bad; there is some fruit, a degree of cedar-wood complexity. Not so bad. The palate, on the other hand, is bloody awful. It is dried-out and tough, with a really nasty vinegary finish. It tastes absolutely disgusting. This demonstrates all I hate about old Claret; it is dry, fruitless, acetic, and downright nasty. I hate it. Sorry, anonymous donor, but this is really horrible. The finish is worth torrents of abuse I am not capable of spewing. No. And I really mean



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