An improvement on the last wine

I like Collioure, good Collioure obviously, it is a relative bargain for the quality one can obtain. Mas Blanc and Rectorie are the best producers.

Collioure “Cosprons Levants” 2002, Domaine du Mas Blanc

A rich nose of ripe, dark fruit. It is quite meaty and earthy with a good herbal character. This smells reasonably complex, good. The palate has a massive structure of ripe tannins and earthiness, with lovely dark fruit and a reasonable degree of acidity for a wine so ripe and buxom. There is a a degree of complexity to the finish, and it is reasonably long. I’ve just been told by one of the neighbours that this isn’t very tannic, but I cannot agree; I think he has been eating too much salami. I think this is quite tasty, it has a nice savoury character which is most pleasing.