Posting from the train

I’m on the train on my way home from central London using my new toy to post this, it is an Eee PC. The Eee PC has a perfectly usable keyboard even though it is miniscule, and connects to my N95 3G phone for surfing on the go with only a minimum of arcane instructions to be followed. I’ve installed Scribefire as a blogging client, which is a Firefox extension so even works on the diminutive specifications of the Eee PC.

The Eee PC is just great, and I heartily recommend them to anyone who needs a secondary computer that is very portable. I would suggest that if you get one you invest in one of the high capacity batteries that some places are just about to start selling as the battery life of the standard unit is a bit woeful. Still, it works just fine for a couple of hours blogging or surfing on the go. My tasting notes will be that bit fresher from now on as I can post from anywhere. New toys, fun or what?