An interesting little tasting

I ran a little tasting last night. Apart from the Salon, only one wine was generally sniffed at.

Blanc des Blancs Le Mesnil 1996, Salon

Corked! Bums. I haven’t had so much luck with Salon recently.

Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana, Hidalgo

This had a delicious aroma of nuts. It was very characterful, with a decent degree of style. This is a top example. The palate was really dry, with great, fresh acidity and a love array of interesting flavours. Yum. Only the partner and I liked it, everyone else said, “No”.

Riesling Kabinett Enkircher Ellergrub 2007, Weiser-Kunstler

Lovely babyfat fruity nose, highly attractive. So fruity, in fact, that one of the guests sniffed it and said, “Mmm… Muscat!” Not the most complex of noses, but it did charm. The palate was slightly sweet, but the acid level was just a bit low. Bit simple, too. For the price I found this a hilarious bargain, but from the recommendation I’d been given I’d hoped it would be a bit more serious. Our guest who told me at a previous tasting he hates German wine bloody loved it.

Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux 2005, Huet

Amazing, it smells of fruit! Tinned lychees in heavy syrup. Heavy syrup is the best. It also smells quite a lot of a decaying barn, wood and hay, you know? There is some amazing mineral character to it. This is very serious, could it even be nice? Yes it bloody could, the palate is delicious. Good sweetness matched by perfect acidity. Really mouthwatering, really tasty, really good. This is a lively, thrilling wine that would fit Mr Tully’s requirement for incredible acidity to perk him up. Didn’t M. Foreau point out that you were very sensitive to acidity, Edward?

Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Vendanges Tardives Trie Speciale 2004, Domaine Weinbach

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