There are no words to describe this wine…

… But, bollocks, I am going to try. This really is the cat’s arse, opened to have with pan-fried foie gras

Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Vendanges Tardives “Trie Speciale” 2004, Domaine Weinbach

Hell’s bells, this has one of the most dense, livid and expressive noses I have ever encountered. I mean, man, it is mind-bendingly good. It has candied citrus fruit, incredible amounts of minerality and simply oozes high class action from every pore. This is the nun’s nethers. The complexity and style are mind blowing, but the balance is simply beautiful. The palate? A delight! It is not terribly sweet, but it has mind-buggering quantities of acidity, minerality, extract, flavour and class. It has real density and yet dances across my palate like some schoolboy with an over fondness for flowery shirts. This is quite the most incredible Alsace sweetie I have had in years. I utterly love it, it is a hoopy roller-coaster ride of hallucinogenic drugs as far as mind-altering experiences go. I got the partner a bottle of this for christmas, didn’t I do well? Drink now with extraordinary pleasure or age for seven to thirty years.