Mmmm… fruity

These fruit liqueurs are great for turning awful wine into a nice drink. If you have cheap white wine or fizz they can be rescued by adding a dash of a liqueur like this to become Kir and Kir Royale (respectively). They also add fruit and charm to crap red wine. Hmm… if anyone ever gives me a bottle of cheap Claret I know what to do. This blackberry-derived liqueur is made at the Chartreuse distillery and is a very good example.

Liqueur de Mûre Sauvage, Pères Chartreux. 21%/vol

A rich, fruity nose: concentrated essence of blackberries. This smells quite charming, although the alcohol is a bit hot on the nose. The palate is also very fruity, very ripe blackberry flavours are there and they are really tasty. This isn’t a very complex drink, but a dash of this in some Pinot Blanc would be quite delicious.