Happy Christmas one and all

Roast goose for dinner tonight, and naturally roast goose goes with red and white Burgundy. The Lafon Meursault might be muy oaky, but it is a very fine wine.

Meursault Premier Cru Charmes 1999, Comte Lafon

A big, opulent nose of ripe citrus fruit, nuts and oak. It is quite buttery, too. The nose is intense and multi-dimensional. The palate certainly has some scale, but there is finesse and elegance to it. The oak stands out a bit on the finish, but the fruit and minerality are so lovely and harmonious that this is not a problem. Really good balancing acidity. Serious class and dimension here. It is still quite youthful, and I think this will be even more charming when it has had some time to breathe. For a wine of this size and oakiness this remains an incredibly satisfying and refined drink, and that is what makes it tits-good. Magic stuff.

Pommard Premier Cru Grands Epenots 2000, Pierre Morey

This has quite a pleasing nose of ripe fruit and a slightly herbal, leathery character. It smells quite light and Côte de Beaune-y. Whilst the nose is quite pleasing, the palate is a bit green, lean and tough. It is by no means unpleasant, I’ll drink it, but it lacks the explosive excitement, and downright class, of Pommard producers such as de Courcel or Comte Armand. I am not sure that ageing this any longer will do it any favours, the greenness of the tannins suggest it’ll just dry out. After the thrills of the Lafon this is a bit of a let down.