The best burger I’ve had in London

On Friday night we visited Haché in Camden, it is a gourmet burger establishment. As usual I looked at the wine list first, which was laughably poor, but I was there for burgers rather than wine so I was not too bothered.

They have a range of toppings for the burgers, also chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers. Beef was my aim. I was very pleased that they asked how well done you wanted your burger. Rare seemed the way forward to check the quality of the meat. I ordered a Canadian burger which came with mature cheddar and bacon.

The quality of the burgers we had were very good, they did cook them rare as ordered. They were of a reasonable size; big enough to fill but not so large they were a struggle. Their chips were also good. Prices all seemed pretty reasonable, a meal with plenty of beer and 12.5% service cost three of us fifty pounds.

Not much else can really be said about it, they were good burgers at a reasonable price. Haché is well worth a visit if you are in the area and want an uncomplicated meal.

Contact: Haché, 24 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ. Telephone: 020 7485 9100.