Cheap chilli action for lunch

Poor old Daniel, actually having to trek across town to get to work. The advantage of this is that he is right near a branch of Wahaca, a fun and unpretentious lunch destination. Today I met him there.

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Picture thanks to Kake Pugh; click to go to to his site.

Last time we visited we just got a selection of the market food dishes, little plates of goodies for sharing. Today we had a couple of these to start with before having a larger main course.

The first little plate was a chicken tinga taco. These were pleasingly chillied up and had plenty of fire to keep you interested. The black bean tostadas were also nice, but a bit difficult to eat without spraying them everywhere. These two were perfectly good enough to get us in the mood.

For main courses we both had the Yucatan special of pork pibil. This was a parcel of shredded pork which had been marinated in a spicy, slightly orangey sauce. This was positively bursting with flavour with very tender meat in large, moist lumps as well as more shredded pieces. It came with some black beans and rice which was a slightly intestinal shade of green. These were just fine, but clearly the meat is what we cared about.

Apart from my margarita lacking both heroism and acidity this was a very successful lunch. Daniel got in and out in his allotted lunch break and it didn’t cost the earth. The food was easily good enough and that is what we care about most.

Contact details on their website.