The second wine we’ll be having with dinner

Bannockburn are one of my favourite Australian producers. The winemaker, Gary Farr, has worked many vintages at Domaine Dujac in Burgundy and with Alain Graillot in Crozes-Hermitage. These influences show themselves strongly in his wines. The top Pinot Noir he makes, called Serré, when served blind to Jeremy Seysses of Dujac was Burgundian enough to make him think it was one of his wines; I was highly amused to have foxed him.

Shiraz 2002, Bannockburn

The nose is quite like a very ripe Crozes-Hermitage, it has the same cheap cologne character. It also has some beetroot tones and plenty of ripe, dark fruit. The palate is quite big and ripe, but it has a nice tannic structure and very good acidity. The fruit persists on the finish along with a slightly green, herbal note. It is certainly complex and interesting, not just another over-ripe fruit-bomb. If I was served this blind I could easily be fooled into thinking it was Rhône Syrah. This could well be my favourite Australian Shiraz, it has a harmony, balance and style that most Australian wines lack.