The best Australian white wine costs under fifteen pounds a bottle

It is true. I like some of the Chardonnays and Semillons, but Riesling is where it is at and Grosset is the address to go to in Australia.

Riesling “Polish Hill” 2006, Grosset

A very pure, direct nose of lime fruit, with a rich gravelly undercurrent. This smells like it’ll hurt my stomach, but pain can be good. It is a stellar bundle of intensity on the nose. Yes, the palate is very acidic, but the fruit is lovely as is its minerality. This is really shows quite a lot of complex for such a tightly-wound ball of brilliance. Ouch… ow… ow… it does hurt my stomach a lot, but I will be drinking more of this because this is a bottle of really top bunny Riesling. I bet it’ll age a treat as well. A bargain at a shade under fifteen sheets.

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