Terrible fizz

I’ve really hated every Egly-Ouriet Champagne I’ve had. This was recommended to me by someone reliable who claimed it was nice and fruity; niceness and fruitiness are characters lacking in their other fizzes I’ve tried. As it is their most basic cuvée it should have been fooled around with less. It is pure Pinot Meunier.

Brut “Les Vignes de Vrigny”, Egly-Ouriet

The nose is bready with some fruit, but it smells pretty confected to me. The palate is short and lacking any form of complexity of favour. It is really one-dimensional and bland. What fruit there is there is strange and confected, nothing nice to report at all. It is very thin and what flavours it has are really actively unpleasant. The finish is seriously disgusting. No way, this is vile to the extent that even my first glass will not be finished.