Tonight’s monster is…

This is raw booze. Sometimes that is nice, but this is just a bit too fiery and far too dull.

Lirac “La Reine des Bois” 2005, Domaine de la Mordoree

Incredibly dark. A hot nose of stewed fruit, not fresh in the slightest. It has some spiciness, too, but is mostly characterised by a shit-load of alcohol. I suppose my anaesthetised nose can just detect a bit of earthiness, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling this complex, oh no. The palate is very hot and sweet with alcohol, with big, gum-busting tannins and some stewed fruit. And that, I am afraid to say, is very much it. No excitement here, move along please.

I have to say I’ve rarely got very much pleasure out of Mordoree wines, and yet I recommended this be purchased. I may be in touch with the deep message of wine but clearly I don’t always pay attention when that message is “I’m a bloody awful bottle of lighter-fluid”. I blame the beast of my Id, it just wants me drunk so I behave outrageously.