Stay awake with a BM

I am off to a cocktail party later. My contribution will be a couple of litres of Bloody Mary. Bloody Marys are known as ‘BMs’ in this house hold. They are really good for breakfast or as as a pick-me-up, as long as you make them spicy enough. I don’t mix a terribly traditional BM, but they hit the spot.

For a Bloody Mary you will need:
A large glass
Tomato juice (chilled)
Two shots of vodka (from the freezer)
Half a shot of balsamic vinegar
The juice of half a lemon
Grated horseradish

All you need to do is mix the vodka, tomato juice, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice together in the glass. Then you add Tabasco and horseradish to taste and give it a good grind of pepper; don’t be shy with the horseradish or Tabasco, you want it fiery. Give it a vigorous stir with a spoon and drink. You’ll feel better in moments.

Some people add freshly crushed garlic, but I much prefer to get my fire from horseradish. Celery salt is a common addition, as is a stick of celery poking out of the glass for stirring. You can put fresh shelled oysters in the glass if you really want, it is quite nice.

Such drinks and their variations are known as red snappers in some countries; I much prefer the term BM.

Soupy twist.