Rib of beef

Yesterday I roasted a rib of beef. It was an excellent piece of meat that came from the Wild Beef Company who visit Borough Market here in London. Their cows are allowed to roam free on Dartmoor so they gain extra flavour. The meat is then dry aged until properly mature and ready to eat. They are suppliers of the best beef I’ve had.

It was a 1.8kg rib so I roasted it for a total of 55 minutes; 20 minutes at 220°C then 35 at 160°C. This made sure the beef was nice and rare.

Roast beef

It is very important to allow your meat to rest at room temperature for half an hour after roasting. This ensures all of the juices are evenly distributed in the meat and it is nice and moist. This was a great piece of meat and I look forward to having some of what remains in sandwiches today.