What month is it?

I am getting to the end of the beers I purchased on my visit to Sainsbury’s. It is really good that they sell Meantime brewery beers, they are excellent quality and reasonably priced. I’ll get some direct when I next pop into their boozer, the Union. This is apparently brewed using an authentic Oktoberfest recipe and is not pasteurised. Nice that it is available in months other than October.

Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the difference’ Munich style Oktoberfest bier, 5.4%

Amber colour. A malty nose that smells almost sweet with its richness. The palate is quite round and weighty, with the alcohol giving it a sweetness. It is not all that bitter, but is quite refreshing nonetheless. The fresh, malty after-taste persists for a long time. This is what lager should be like, strong and characterful.