Streaky bacon

The best bacon I have ever tried comes from Sillfield Farm; they have a stand at Borough Market near London Bridge. Best of all are the dry-cure streaky bacons, both smoked and unsmoked. You can tell it is good bacon because when fried it does not foam with hideous white phosphates as supermarket bacon generally does. The flavour of this bacon is second to none, very powerful, porky and not too salty. Gently fried these bacons are quite marvellous for breakfast, lunch or chopped up in a salad. Also, this bacon can be obtained in un-sliced blocks, which can be cut into cubes for an excellent addition to any stew. Sillfield Farm also make excellent sausages and black pudding.

Sillfield Farm streaky bacon

That bacon was a bit too cooked for my tastes, I don’t like it too crispy, but it was top bunny nonetheless.