Light and refreshing

The first matches of the Six Nations rugby championship are today. I need to start off with something light and refreshing. This comes from the Meantime brewery (via a large branch of Sainsbury’s). This is one of my local microbreweries and it makes excellent beers, generally lager styles. This states it was made with Kentish hops, malted Lincolnshire barley and was bottled without pasteurisation.

Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the difference’ late hopped blonde ale, 4.5%

Pale yellow/amber colour. It smells very malty and flowery, quite hoppy. The nose is aromatic. It tastes light and refreshing, with a really good bitter hope finish. There is almost something parma violet-y about the flowery, fruity, hoppiness on the finish. It is a balanced, lively drink and fulfils my requirement for a light drink to start the afternoon’s entertainment. A very good beer.