A celebration indeed

England just whipped Wales in the Six Nations; a celebration is called for! This Californian ale was brewed ‘to celebrate the winter season’ and is made in the tradition of ‘old world’ ales brewed for that purpose.

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, 6.8%

Dark amber colour. This smells very floral, hoppy and quite alcoholic. The taste is very bitter. Good. It has malty richness and floral, apricot-y hoppiness on the palate. The finish is long and refreshingly bitter. Whilst this is rich and alcoholic, it seems a bit less soupy than the [link2post id=”1547″]1845 I had yesterday[/link2post]; it is very well balanced. This is really rather good. An excellent beer to celebrate an excellent result in the rugby (oh and the winter season too).

This was another purchase from my trip to a large branch of Sainbury’s.