Whilst in New York last year we had plenty of good cocktails. One of these provoked us to buy a cocktail shaker and try to perfect a recipe for it: the margarita. It is very important to use decent tequila, Sauza Commemorativo is perfect; the first time I tried (quite a lot of) this I was sure it was vaguely hallucinogenic. Perhaps it was simply that I had quite a lot to drink.

To make the perfect margarita you will need:

One shot Sauza Commemorativo tequila
One shot Cointreau (both of these straight from the freezer)
The juice of one and one half of the ripest, juiciest limes
The juice of one half of a ripe, large lemon
Plenty of ice
Perhaps one
half of a teaspoon of sugar (depending whether or not you need
super-grade raw acidity to wake a slumber-dizzied mind)Shake all of
the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with as much vigour as your as-yet-unperked-up muscles can manage then strain off the ice into a martini
glass. Drink. Then mix yourself another, drink it and wonder if the
loudness of the walls breathing will distract from you finally
getting around to serving your guests.

You will note that I do not have a salty rim on the glass, nor is this one of those dreadful icy-slush concoctions. This is a characterful, powerful and invigorating drink for the strong of mind and noble of character.

If you are in the UK a good source of Commemorativo is the Drinks Shop.