Whacked-out craziness

I’ve never had a wine from this producer before, but I have been told they were good. They do seem to be good*, but this wine at least is screaming butt-hole crazy.

Savennières L’Enclos 2002, Eric Morgat

2002 was a great year for these wines, very ripe with lots of acidity. This wine is clearly very ripe judging from the yellowy-gold colour. The nose reeks of botrytis, but also very rich and mineral soil aromas. The minerality of it becomes more apparent as the wine breathes. It is fiercely alcoholic (14.5% claimed). It is a very hedonistic nose. The palate is incredibly ripe and round, with plenty of weight and structure. It is really rather ripe. On the finish there is richness and a good mineral and acid tang. It is reasonably balanced. However, it does seem rather overbearing and powerful, and not a little bit totally insane with its ripeness and power. Even with the acidity on the finish it seems rather ponderous. It is closer to dry than sweet, but it is certainly ripe and rich. I suppose it is quite nice in a booze-tastic monster sort of a way, but too much would easily become very hard work.

[image image_id=”2365″ size=”large” title=”Eric Morgat Savennières L’Enclos 2002″] I must admit that when trying this wine quite warm, it displayed all kinds of exotic fruits on the nose and palate. It is a good wine and good value too, just a tad over-whelming.

*) This reminds me of a joke. An engineer, a statistician and a mathematician go to a conference in China. As they are driving from the airport in the bus they drive past a field with a black pig in it.
“Oh wow,” says the engineer, “pigs in China are black.”
“No, no, no!” replies the statistician. “There is at least one black pig in China.”
“Ah, no you see,” answers the mathematician, “there is at least half a black pig in China.”