Five wines from around the web #1

Since more and more people seem to be dropping by repeatedly I thought it reasonable to provide more content; I aim to please! Consequently, I will attempt to provide some buying suggestions on a monthly basis. These are wines that I have tried or will be buying myself. So, here we go with five wines from around the web.

Clos des Lambrays 2001, Domaine des Lambrays: A lovely, beautiful Grand Cru Burgundy that will age extremely well. £47.00 from Berry Brothers and Rudd.

Pommard Premier Cru Grand Clos des Epenots 2003, Domaine de Courcel: I am not much of a fan of 2003 Burgundy but Yves Confuron, that charming curmudgeon, made great wines in this vintage. I tried them out of cask and was mightily impressed, even he warmed up after a few glasses. £35.95 (there is a case discount) from Lea and Sandeman.

Volnay Premier Cru Chevrets 2002, Domaine Jean Boillot: A ripe, fleshy, but elegant Volnay. This has really nice fruit and is very mineral. £35.95 (there is a case discount) from Lea and Sandeman.

Sancerre Le Reine Blanche 2004, Domaine Vacheron: Really good Sancerre, not overblown but a good, refreshing drink to enjoy on any occasion. Not only is it a good wine it is also made by a lovely chap, and it is good to buy wines made by lovely people. £11.95 from the Wine Society.

Bandol 2001, Château Pibarnon: When I tried this at the Château the owner was highly amused by my excitement and was flattered that I called this a ‘sexy wine’. It’ll age extremely well and in a decade will be wonderful with liver sausage. Fine and Rare Wines sell it by the case, but I know Fortnum and Mason have individual bottles for about £20.

If you are not buying in the UK or wish to search for additional suppliers then Wine Searcher is worth visiting.

I hope, dear reader, you find these suggestions helpful.