Five wines from around the web #18

Riesling Auslese GoldKap Wehlener Sonnenuhr 1997, J. J. Prum: The [link2post id=”1026″]1996 was marvellous[/link2post], why not step up a quality level and go for a better vintage too. £48 from Fine and Rare Wines.

Cornas Domaine de Rochepertuis 1999, Jean Lionnet: Proper Cornas that is silky and beautiful, tomorrow I’ll be having the 1998. £23.45 from Jeroboams.

Shiraz by Farr 2004, Gary Farr: He made one of my favourite Australian Shirazes at Bannockburn, this is his personal effort. He’s made wine with Alain Graillot, what more could one ask? £18.95 from Tannners.

Pinot Noir by Farr 2004, Gary Farr: He has made some great vintages in Burgundy so his Pinot credentials are spotless. I’m just about to order some of this. £18.95 from Tanners.

Chablis Premier Cru Montee de Tonnerre 2005, Louis Michel: A 1029″]more minor 2005 was lovely recently, trade up to a serious Premier Cru. £16.17 from Howard Ripley.