Straight from the horse’s mouth

Of my rather minimalist achievements this year some of the best have been to get on the private clients’ list of a few producers. On my visit to Alsace this summer I arranged to buy from Domaine Bruno Sorg and Domaine Albert Boxler every year. I was surprised when Boxler said my allocation could well be larger than the UK agent’s annual allocation. I doubt this is true since I’ll only be buying two cases per year, but it does seem a shame that such great wines as his are not reaching a wider audience. I greatly look forward to when the Sorg 2002 Riesling Pfersigberg will be delivered to my cellar in Burgundy.

Perhaps the best wines to be making it to the cellar come from Burgundy. I feel extremely privileged to be on the list to buy Meursault from Roulot and Chambolle from Mugnier directly. Both of these people make extremely beautiful and elegant wines; they are really lovely. To think I’ll be getting a yearly allocation which can age in a perfect cellar only to be removed when it is time to drink makes me very happy. Now all I have to do is save wildly for buying these wines when the offers come out in the spring.

This is where they all end up, my cellar in Burgundy:
Not huge but it holds some goodies