I’m bored, give me a drink

The problem is I have so little in the flat to drink. A moment’s searching reveals something I rather like, even though it is really too young:

Bandol, Château de Pibarnon 1999

The dark fruit and meat scented aroma that emerged as I popped this brought a rush of heroism to my cheeks as I inhaled it. There is a lot of dark, ripe fruit on the nose, but it is not over-ripe. It is quite earthy as well. The palate has big, chunky tannins, but with all of the fruit and not over-whelming alcohol it is very balanced. Despite its size the palate has a pleasing degree of precision about it, some acidity in with all of that ripe bigness. It is very long with quite an earthy finish. Big but balanced, I like this a lot.