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Tesco's American Double IPA

American Double IPA

It is sad but we all know petty, small-minded cowards. People so weak and unsure of themselves they cannot risk having their narrow views of social class challenged. These people cannot shop in the wrong type of shops, cannot drink in certain bars and cannot eat in dining establishments that could well serve perfectly toothsome […]

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger

Quickie: Craft beer in a can

This quickie is to celebrate the birthday of my friend Peter. He appreciates quality beer, particularly of the IPA variety, so this beer would really appeal to him. The excellent chain  J D Wetherspoon have just started selling real ale in a can from the United States brewery Sixpoint. The cans are coated with a […]


Beer at the Bishop on the Bridge

Today we the first reasonably warm day of spring, so jolly t-shirt on and off to the River Itchen for a walk to spot ducks, swans and hopefully trout. I always feel so happy to see tasty brown trout swimming in the river running through what is pretty much central Winchester. Sadly, as The Editor […]

A jar of Perfect Pickles pickled onions

The new season’s Perfect Pickles pickled onions

Last year we utterly adored the pickled onions from Perfect Pickles. They were vibrant, crunchy, acidic as hell and really rather spicy, so we purchased a few jars of the new season’s onions to have over the Christmas break, this is how many we got: As work has been a bit crazy over Christmas, and […]

Cider and perry at the Winchester real ale festival

No binge-drinking, please, we’re nice

Real ale festivals, there’s only really two ways to approach them. Firstly, you can get roaringly paralytic having imbibed and vomited your body weight in pongy, soupy beer and pongy, acrid cider. Secondly, you can be so overwhelmed by the quantity on offer, with no way of distinguishing between any of it, that you instantly […]

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA

Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA

I have a lot of time for India Pale Ales, and pale ales in general. Indeed, the best beer I’ve ever had was an IPA. Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, from an excellent pale ale producer, just does not quite live up to the high standard of their less booze-mongous beer. What I want from an […]

Animee lemon beer - the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth


The worst thing I have ever put in my mouth.

One of the many entrances to The Turf Tavern

The Turf – one of Oxford’s finer features

I’ll admit to having gone off Oxford a shade since I spent many years there being refulgently brilliant, but this does not account for the revulsion I felt when getting off the train. Sadly, every route into the city of dreaming spires is a tiresome slog through dismal neighbourhoods filled with vile architecture; the view […]

David is enthusiastic about cask-conditioned Meantime IPA

Meantime Brewery cask conditioned IPA – indubitably the best beer I’ve tasted

When I staggered into The Union boozer in Greenwich my erstwhile drinking companion (and high-flying international political consultant) Peter was ordering at the bar. He told me I’d need a pint of the cask conditioned India Pale Ale and added that I had no conception of the coruscant beer experience that was about to engulf […]

Mad Goose Pale Ale from the Purity Brewing Company

Mad Goose Pale Ale from the Purity Brewing Company

I have not posted for a while due to a stinking cold. At least this has allowed me to get plenty of sleep, but feeling like death very slightly warmed up has not been generally entertaining. The odd thing about this pale ale is that it reminds me of when I was at school. More […]

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