Quality heroism

I’ve been let out of the bin for three hours escorted leave; the partner is making sure I am not doing anything bad. Not that I would, as I am sure you’ll be pleased to hear I am feeling a lot better. Well, unless you hate me in which case you’ll curse the name of the inventor of Olanzapine. I love Ridge Geyserville, not only is it delicious when young it also ages really well which, say, Ridge Lytton Springs doesn’t. Jeremy Seysses has opened ten year old bottles of Geyserville and they have been just great.

Geyserville 2006, Ridge

Lovely bramble fruits on the nose, this is blackberry-tastic. There is a relatively sophisticated oak treatment there too, and, we cannot deny, there is quite an alcoholic burn. I suppose it is pretty complex, but I am more drinking this for fun, and because I haven’t had any wine in an age, than for intellectual stimulation. The palate has some big tannins, but plenty of fruit. One hell of a lot of fruit, if we are honest. There is some acidity. For a wine of this scale the balance isn’t too bad. I’m quite enjoying this, but at the same price as the [link2post id=”807″]Espirit de Beaucastel[/link2post], which I loved, I think I know which I’d buy again. Good stuff, though, would be nice with a roast rib of beef.

  • ed tully

    Glad to read you are on the mend. Only an idiot would dislike Ridge. It really is one of life’s reliable joys.

  • Peter

    Hooray! David’s back, and drinking nice wine. Very glad.

  • Jeremy


    Glad to hear you are feeling better and hope that your escorted leaves rapidly increase to full time leave fromt he bin.

    For the record on Lytton Springs, I think that the aged bottles we once tried were from an era when Ridge were buying fruit from Lytton Springs Station but before they had full control of the vineyard. They bought the vineyard sometime in the 1990s and perhaps ageability has changed since. I’m still going to go for Geyserville everytime, based on the track record and the fact that it is the same price as Lytton Springs.

    Keep up the happy vibes!