Quality pulled pork, questionable ribs

We have a semi-quest on-going with the neighbours: find the best ribs establishment in Town. Until now it has been Frankie and Benny’s in the O2. Last night we tried Bodean’s in Tower Hill which was a qualified success.

The decor of the place was truly amazing, a vaguely updated, American-themed, 50s restaurant: red walls, antler chandeliers and metal pig’s head light fittings. Odd. I was rather horrified, if we are honest, but Daniel loved it.

The menu had plenty of barbecue favourites, and we both had a starter which included pulled pork. I had supreme nachos and Daniel a quesadilla. We had looked up what pulled pork was before arriving, and it sounded reasonably interesting. It tasted a lot better than it sounded; yummy, tender, flavoursome pork. This really made both of our dishes. Nachos with plenty of pulled pork were meat-tastic and the pulled pork-stuffed quesadillas were excellent.

We had both decided to go for a slab of baby back ribs, Daniel taking them with onions rings and I chose barbecue beans. The sides dishes were perfectly nice, the big onion rings a particular treat, but the ribs were a bit odd. They had a lovely smoked aroma, and looked quite meaty, but the texture was rather dry and tough. Nice barbecue sauce on them, but just a bit too chewy.

Drink of choice is Sierra Navada Pale Ale by the pint. Two courses and a pint each cost £55. I’d like to return, but will go for more pulled pork and fewer ribs next time.

Menu and contact details on their website.

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