Photos of the wonderful food at Hawksmoor

I’ve reviewed Hawksmoor (London’s best meat restaurant) before [link2post id=”809″]here[/link2post] and [link2post id=”769″]here. The basic message is that it is a top meat establishment. This will not be another review as such, more a collection of pictures from last night’s visit. Firstly, the potted beef starter was really delicious; meaty, fatty, tasty!

[image image_id=”2944″ align=”right”]

Then a sirloin steak served on the bone. Totally lovely!

[image image_id=”3451″ align=”center” size=”medium”]

And finally, a dessert. Prosecco jelly with strawberries.

[image image_id=”2435″ align=”left”]

We ate other things as well, but it is just that with a not terribly expensive digital camera it is a bit hit and miss as to whether the pictures come out if they are taken in a less than perfectly lit establishment.

For the record, the food was excellent. We all really enjoyed our pieces of meat. Going on a Monday night is a Good Thing as they allow you to take your own wine and pay a fiver corkage. Hawksmoor is just a really great place, book your table now!