But what’s it for?

This is a rant about art. More specifically, people’s reaction to art. Now this is something that gets me very irritated but I shall try and keep this brief as it is not about wine.

We own a couple of display cases with ceramics on them. One has Sarah-Jane Selwood stuff in it:

[image image_id=”2260″]

Look at that stuff, really top bunny. The other display case has work by a variety of ceramicists in it:

[image image_id=”2261″]

From time to time we will score a new piece and when someone visits I will invariably whip it out to show them. Normally this will generate the response, “What is it for?”

We also have a new object d’art sitting on the wall in the hall. It is a metal construction:

[image image_id=”2516″]

When I show people this they say, “What is it supposed to be?”*

Now, these responses make me worry about the people I know. Are the people I like so utterly functional and devoid of feeling that they think everything has to have a use and everything has to be representational. Everything you buy doesn’t have to have a specific purpose, unless you count ‘pleasing you’ as a purpose. Similarly, everything that doesn’t have a use doesn’t have to be a china representation of a dog but instead can be a form that pleases you. That is enough of a form or a use, that it makes you happy; if that is true all is well.

*I find this question so depressing I’ve been trying to answer it as facetiously as possible, this object is normally termed a ‘wall minge’.

  • edwardtully

    Surely the art speaks for itself? No need to justify it, old man. You seem to have some nice pieces, only a few of which I recognise. Clearly it’s been too long!

  • Peter

    The purpose of the new object on the wall is obvious. It’s for cats to rub and scratch themselves against. Put it lower on the wall, where Kisu can get to it.