Tonight’s monster is…

This is raw booze. Sometimes that is nice, but this is just a bit too fiery and far too dull.

Lirac “La Reine des Bois” 2005, Domaine de la Mordoree

Incredibly dark. A hot nose of stewed fruit, not fresh in the slightest. It has some spiciness, too, but is mostly characterised by a shit-load of alcohol. I suppose my anaesthetised nose can just detect a bit of earthiness, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling this complex, oh no. The palate is very hot and sweet with alcohol, with big, gum-busting tannins and some stewed fruit. And that, I am afraid to say, is very much it. No excitement here, move along please.

I have to say I’ve rarely got very much pleasure out of Mordoree wines, and yet I recommended this be purchased. I may be in touch with the deep message of wine but clearly I don’t always pay attention when that message is “I’m a bloody awful bottle of lighter-fluid”. I blame the beast of my Id, it just wants me drunk so I behave outrageously.

  • Jeremy

    Have you considered chilling it and mixing it with tonic water and a slice of lemon? My feeling is that these wines are at their best as mixers.

  • Ed Tully

    Or Laying it down and avoiding?

  • David Strange

    I have tried Edward’s suggestion with the horrible, horrible Santa Suc Presitge Cuvee I foolishly purchased, but now it is time to get my last bottle from the cellar. Ice and a slice may well be the only way I can choke the filth down. There is a place for fighting wines, but that place is rarely, alas, at my table.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve heard that this type of wine can make hair grow on one’s upper lip. Do not serve it to women. Perhaps Mr Strange would care to illustrate the influence of Booze-tasticity on his facial hair?