The Forte Kitchen – food is not its forte

I will not waste much time writing this review as the Forte Kitchen, Winchester’s newest lunch spot, is not worth the time; the Forte Kitchen certainly do not think they should spend much time on food. Indeed, the Forte Kitchen is a lunch place you should go if you are an anorexic who has a particular distaste for lunch.

The Editor’s burger had no grilled character at all, it tasted like it has been microwaved. So the burger itself only tasted of the cheese they put on top. Pretty bad.

Shit Forte Kitchen Burger

I was served an insultingly small piece of fish. It had a miserably thin, grease-soaked layer of batter, covering a piece of fish that was just on the off side of tired. Obviously I did not eat it, but I gave a little piece to The Editor to confirm is ‘off’-status – he concurred with my view.

Tiny Piece of off fish at the Forte Kitchen

When I raised the issue of serving off fish, I did not bother comment them serving a pissing-small piece of fish, it was taken to the kitchen for analysis by the chef. He pronounced it over-cooked but not off. I would not want to go to a restaurant where the chef cannot tell whether fish is off or not. And neither should you. The little forkfuls we had to confirm it was off made our stomachs churn all afternoon.

The frites were good at the Forte Kitchen, but everything else was so depressingly bad we wanted to leave as soon as possible. At least the Forte Kitchen took the off fish off our bill. This is a place to avoid like the plague – who knows, you might catch it from some of their food one day…