Super Squirrel Vosne

Confuron-Gindre are one of my newer discoveries – and what a discovery they are! I have not had a bad wine from them. Even their Bourgogne Rouge is delicious (when you have it at an email primeur tasting, that is). They make an excellent example of this, one of my favourite Vosne Premier Crus. It reminds me quite a lot of the sadly departed Philippe Engel’s (although reports are he was not sad when he departed). It is also like his wine in that it is not outrageously priced. Why drink a 2012 now? Well, as a song I was just listening to said, “Enjoy yourself, you don’t know when you go quench“. So I will.

We drank this with rump steaks from Broughton Water Buffalo. My, they were good. Very tender. Lots of flavour. We normally just east their water buffalo burgers but one needs to eat steak on a fairly regular basis; as it is manifestly clear to even the biggest dunderhead high quality steak is good for you!


Vosne-Romanee Premier Cru les Brulees 2012, Domaine Confuron-Gindre

Yum, lovely nose! Blackberry fruit in huge qualities. Perfectly ripe but no hint of over ripeness or any rot or anything nasty. It is good for a wine to be fruity – I once heard a vacuous tart say to a sommelier that she did not like fruity wines. Exactly what problem did she have, I wonder, with pleasure? I hope she has quenched.

There is the slight earthiness one wants from a good Brulees as well. I am pleased. It has the merest hint of new oak showing which gives it a good complex seasoning.

And it does smell really complex. There is all kinds of stuff going on there the more you sniff. It is really terribly pleasing. Well, top bunny, or freaking good if you prefer. Yeah, this is how I like my Vosne!

The palate is amazing – a complex maelstrom of characteristics that leaves you wanting another sip. I say ‘sip’, but this is the kind of wine you inhale in large draughts and swill around your mouth to extract maximum pleasure.

The blackberry fruit is there but it shows more Vosne exotic character than on the nose. Yum again! This is top-grade Vosne-action!

It is actually really rather tannic, but you hardly notice them so rich and full of fruit is the palate. There is good acidity too, keeping the whole thing spritely and full of vim.

It goes on and on, all those wonderful flavours persist like a caning, only vastly more pleasurable. This is superior quality kit and I bloody love it. Kisu the cat preferred the steaks, but he was wrong!