Best wine over Christmas

Back in 2010 I had the greatest Chablis of my life: Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume ‘Vignoble de Vaulorent’ 2007 from Fevre. I had a bottle on Christmas eve and it remains the greatest Chablis I’ve tried in my life. My comments in the previous note still pretty much apply, only this was more complex and subtle, without losing any of the vibrant energy or classy life. It is just the complete Chablis experience.

Chablis 'Vignoble de Vaulorent' 2007, Fevre I was rather surprised that a wine of this fulgurating quality was bottled with a composite cork. This may have implications for it’s long term storage, I suppose, which is a bit of a shame as this is clearly a Chablis with a glorious life ahead of it. But you don’t need to wait, it shows everything at five years old with style and élan, throbbing with quality and bursting with style. If, like my associate Mr P (who is open-minded enough to call me Davy), you are fortunate enough to own a case of this I’d really start drinking. He has promised to pop a bottle when I meet him in April – if I was that kind of person I’d be wetting myself in anticipation.

So you must be thinking this insanely fine Chablis will set you back an arm and a leg from some merchant who requires your first-ranked teddy bear as deposit. Not so! You can get it for £29 a bottle from The Wine Society. In these enlightened times greater bargains are rarely found. I may go and score myself another couple of bottles right now.

We drank this coruscating Chablis with a chicken from the supplier of the best chickens I’ve eaten on a regular basis – Beechcroft Direct. Here’s the bird:
Roast chickenIf I am brutally honest, I overcooked the chicken just a little; something I very rarely do

No such problems with The Editor’s goose fat roast potatoes!

Editor Dani's goose fat roast potatoes

He cooks the best roast potatoes I have eaten, when my meat/oven requirements allow for perfection, and no one else even comes close. Sorry Linda.

So it’s been a happy few days in Elitistreview Towers, we have drank well although not excessively, and eaten appallingly brilliantly. Nothing matched that £29 Chablis, though!

Happy holidays!