Monsters Monsters Attack!!!!

As I have a extremely well-developed sense of fun and good-humour, when I see a label like this I am delighted and amused. I know anything a bit silly would be a major turn off for the more miserable type of wine lover, but bugger them! The stuff is all about good times so why not have a label that makes you smile?

I was also drawn to it because I had heard of the wine and knew it to be one of the more well-thought-of of the new-wave, light, off-dry Rieslings coming out of Australia. The great Mac Forbes is perhaps leading this trend, but others follow and, whilst they might not make quite such scintillating entities as he does, good stuff is being made. Look out for those Australian Rieslings at 11% alcohol or less, they’re often a treat and usually a bargain.

Monsters Monsters Attack Riesling

Monsters Monsters Attack! 2011, Some Young Punks

An intensely focussed and direct nose of sharp lime fruit. It’s really pure and nervy. There is some minerality there too; if I were smelling this blind I might place it as coming from a good vineyard in the Saar. It has just enough complexity to keep your higher faculties frothing, but the livid nervy energy it shows in terms of fruit is extravagantly exciting. AAAAAAARGH! THE PAIN! Yes, it is ludicrously acidic but you’ve probably gathered by now I like that, even though it makes me wince when it scalds and sears my stomach. Yeah, that’s electric nipple clamps acid action! The fruit is really pure and focussed as well, as is the minerality that it does show. There is the merest hint of residual sugar, and that keeps the harmony spot on. This is merits mega mams mirth levels. Not the finest wine in the world but, by arse, it’s a fun drink that assaults you into knowing you’re having a good time.

The back label is fun too.

Monsters Monsters Attack back label

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